Sock monkeys are a labor of love for Ida Maust

The Garrett County Republican

Gradually, she began making more for birthdays and other gifts as needed. Then she started teaching the nursery-aged Sunday School class at her church about 30 years ago. She started making sock monkeys to give to her students on their birthdays, and continued this for as long as she taught the class.

Maust said she’s not sure how many monkeys she has made over the years, but estimates that it is somewhere between 400 and 500.

“I don’t know how many I made each year,” she said. “I know one year I made 80, when I gave each of my children and grandchildren one for Christmas, but that’s been a good many years ago now.”

She has been trying to make one for each great-grandchild when they turn 2 (which included three last month.)

The current count is nine children, 36 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren, with three more on the way.

Maust and her husband, Elmer, were married 47 years before he died in March 2002.

In the early days, she bought the socks locally, but then wasn’t able to find them at stores. She used regular socks that didn’t have the red heels for awhile until she was able to get them again. Today, she buys them by the box online.

“Sometimes I just got socks that were brown or gray or something that would look nice for a monkey,” she said. “I like these better because it’s what they were intended for.”

She said she doesn’t feel bad about cutting the socks up to make monkeys for children.

“I still get a lot of socks and give them to organizations when they need them,” she said.

Maust slowed down on the sock monkey making during some years, especially when she was busy with Garrett County Hospice, working as the volunteer coordinator.

Now 86, Maust went through some changes in her life in the last two years. It began with a knee replacement in July 2019.

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Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations & Sales Raises Money for Local Animal Charity

Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations & Sales is a leading vacation rental and real estate firm located in McHenry, MD. With a strong commitment to the local community, their team is involved in a wide variety of charitable activities through sponsorship, donations and volunteer work throughout the year.

In May of 2017, Taylor-Made owners and members of the Deep Creek Lake real estate team broke out their bartending skills to host a Guest Bartender Night at JG’s Pub to benefit HART for Animals, a local non-profit with a mission to improve the condition of animals in Western Maryland. Their adoption center has become a model for compassionate animal rescue.

Lots of members of the Taylor-Made Deep Creek staff were on hand as servers or to help with the silent auction and raffles. The company has partnered with Kate and Fred Collins, JG’s Pub owners, on this event for over ten years. They are always happy to roll up their sleeves for HART for Animals. The event was a huge success raising over $2,300.

Later that month, staff stepped-up to support the Adopt-A-Road program in Garrett County. Members of every department at Taylor-Made volunteered their time to pick up litter prior to the busy summer season on the four “adopted” roads.

“A strong commitment to community plays a key role in our company culture,” stated Jodi Taylor Refosco, Owner. “It strengthens our team and benefits the Deep Creek Lake area as a whole.”

Taylor-Made is family owned and operated by Jodi Taylor Refosco, her husband, Joe Refosco, and her brother Chad Taylor. Betsy Spiker Holcomb and Jay Ferguson are co-owners of the real estate company that was started in 2014.

With over 370 homes, Taylor-Made is the largest vacation rental management company at Deep Creek Lake. Their sister Deep Creek Lake real estate company has become the fastest growing brokerage in the area in recent years.

About Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations & Sales

Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations & Sales has become a frontrunner in Deep Creek Lake vacation rentals, real estate, and property services. Taylor-Made rental homes and sales listings are conveniently located within a few hour’s drive from Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Washington, DC.


Christian Crossing Thrift Shop


The Organization . . .

 This ministry is a one-hundred-percent volunteer not-for-profit organization.

It is the mission of the organization to improve the quality of life for those of limited means and those in critical need. Christian Crossing Thrift Shop:
•Accepts donations of clothing, housewares, books, furniture, major appliances, small appliances, toys, etc. from those who no longer need or like what they have
•Sells donated items at nominal prices
•Gives items without cost to those who cannot afford the nominal prices and are referred by social service agencies
•Gives cash assistance in behalf of those in critical situations and to programs designed to keep people from getting into critical situations

A core group of volunteers oversees the coordination of six departments within the operation of the Thrift Shop.

Garrett Cooperative Ministry, Inc. trades as Christian Crossing Thrift Shop.  Garrett Cooperative Ministry, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) organization. Donations are tax deductible, and tax receipts are given upon request.

How the Christian Crossing Thrift Shop Works . . .

In a sense, we are a recycling center!

The volunteers sort through hundreds of bags and boxes of clothing, household items, linens, decorating accessories, dishes, pots, pans, toys, sporting goods, appliances, furniture and more that are donated to the Thrift Ship.

These items are then arranged and displayed as neatly as possible to be sold at nominal prices.  While our primary mission is to improve the quality of life for those with limited means and those in critical need, anyone is invited to shop at Christian Crossing.  Critical-need items are also given free of charge to referred persons who have no funding available.

Anyone who wishes to donate useable furniture, appliances, household items, clothing, linens, gift items, etc. is invited to bring them to the Shop during hours of operation. If you have large items which you are unable to haul, volunteers may be able to pick them up.

Sources of income are sales and contributions from churches, organizations and individuals.  No workers, officers or directors are paid.  After monthly expenses (mortgage payments, utilities, insurance, supplies, building repairs and maintenance) are paid, funds are used as follows:  half of the excess funds are set aside for capital improvement; the other half is available for individuals and families who find themselves in crisis situations and are referred to us through the Health Department or Community Action, and for programs designed to prevent families from getting into crisis situations.

Volunteers Needed . . .

Anyone willing to volunteer services for any aspect of the Christian Crossing operation is invited to come to the Shop during open hours or call 301-334-6339. We would also like to have a coordinator from each church congregation in Garrett county.  Click HERE for more information on volunteering.

We look forward to hearing from you as we work together to help others.

“Help carry one another’s burdens and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”  Galatians 6:2

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