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Famous Travelers: Edison, Ford, Firestone: The Vagabonds End Their Two Week Vacation in Western Maryland

On the afternoon of July 28, Harvey Firestone went horseback riding with family members. The horses they rode were borrowed from the party of Ralph Emerson “Froggy” Cross, who was surprised to discover the famous men camping at Muddy Creek Falls while horseback riding. Upon his return, Firestone generously paid Emerson with several ten and twenty dollar bills. Emerson’s party was extremely happy with this handsome payment, as they had paid only $1.25 to rent each horse from an Oakland stable.

When they returned to Oakland, Froggy and his friends spread the news around the community that the celebrated men were camping nearby at Muddy Creek Falls. Soon, crowds of people came to see the Vagabond’s at their campsite.

Newspaper reporters covered the Vagabonds camping adventures for a national audience anxious to read about the outdoor exploits of these well-known men. Possibly energized by Muddy Creek Falls, Edison was very talkative, especially to reporters, and some of his quotes are covered in this series of articles. Being business men, the Vagabonds knew the value of good public relations.

Henry Ford with his Model TOne writer said it best: “With squads of news writers and platoons of cameramen to report and film the posed nature studies of the four eminent campers, these well equipped excursions…were as private and secluded as a Hollywood opening, and Ford appreciated the publicity.”

On July 29, the Vagabonds relaxed around the camp, exploring and studying nature, resting, and relaxing in the company of their friends, simply appreciating and enjoying the resplendent riches of nature at Muddy Creek Falls.

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