Welcome Back, Maryland Welcome Centers!

ANNAPOLIS, Md. –(AP) -Gov. Larry Hogan is announcing the reopening of tourist welcome centers in far western Maryland and the Eastern Shore that the previous administration closed six years ago for budget reasons.

Hogan said in a statement Thursday that the Youghiogheny (yahk-ih-GAY’-nee) Overlook center in Garrett County and the Bay Country center in Queen Anne’s County will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Thursdays through Mondays.

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Commissioners Ask Residents To "Take 10" In 2010

Commissioners Ask Residents To “Take 10” In 2010

Mar. 18, 2010

As the 2010 Census draws near, Garrett County government is partnering with the U.S. Census Bureau to encourage everyone to complete and mail back their census forms.
“Participation is important to the future our community,” said a county spokesperson.

As a result, the Board of Garrett County Commissioners is issuing a challenge to everyone living in the county to “take 10” and beat the area’s mail participation rate from the 2000 Census.

“Taking 10 minutes to complete and mail a census form is the easiest and most efficient method of participate in the 2010 Census,” said the spokesperson. “For each census form returned by mail, the Census Bureau saves $60 to $70, or about $85 million for every 1 percent increase in mail participation.”

As mandated by the U.S. Constitution, everyone in the United States must be counted in the census. This includes people of all ages, races, and ethnic groups – citizens and noncitizens.

Conducted every 10 years, the census is more than just a population count.

“The 2010 Census will present a new portrait of America, showing us how our nation has changed in the past decade, and helping to determine what our communities need for the next 10 years,” the spokesperson said.

Census data provide numerous benefits to the people of this nation and the places we live. For example:

•Census data are used to reapportion seats in Congress and ensure proper district representation in state and local governments.

•Every year, the federal government distributes more than $400 billion to tribal, state, and local governments based on census data.

•Information from the census helps determine locations for childcare and senior centers, new roads, hospitals, schools, and community centers.

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Census officials getting early start on count

Workers may soon come knocking at area homes
Kevin Spradlin
Cumberland Times-News

Cumberland — CUMBERLAND — Local officials were taken aback when the U.S. Census Bureau announced Monday that census workers could begin knocking on some homeowners’ doors as early as Tuesday.

Through several months of public meetings with stakeholders representing the public school system, state prisons and the faith-based community, among others, there had never been a mention of census workers approaching residents until May.

Already, however, some 56,000 census workers are set to deliver forms to nearly 12 million addresses that don’t get their mail at their homes. This is despite nearly two dozen members of the Allegany County Local Complete County Committee spreading the word that first come notices in early March and surveys would arrive by mail between March 15 and 31.

Only if residents failed to submit forms, local representatives have repeated during public meetings and presentations at various interest groups, would a census enumerator knock on their door.

Monday’s announcement “caught me off guard,” said Elizabeth Stahlman, chairwoman of the local committee working to ensure 100 percent accountability.

A census worker who frequently attends the monthly meetings also said he was unaware of the issue. But Mike Gregorio, Census Bureau spokesman, said that’s been the plan all along.

“This office has known about it for a while,” Gregorio said. “About 90 percent of forms will be sent out. If you don’t receive mail at your own house, then you might expect someone to come knocking on your door to give you a form or leaving something on your doorsteps.”

Less than 10 percent are hand-delivered by census workers. Those efforts are concentrated in mostly rural areas, including parts of Western Maryland.

Most residents should receive their survey form, by mail or in person, before April 1. Beginning in May, census workers make their way to homes that have not mailed back a completed form. That process, Gregorio said, can extend into July.

Meanwhile, local committee members spent about 35 minutes Tuesday discussing various outreach efforts. A display will be available at the Hooley Plunge at Rocky Gap State Park on Saturday, Stahlman said. Promotional products have been distributed during high school sporting events and window displays have been offered to Allegany County Chamber of Commerce members.

Census Bureau Partnership Specialist Franklin Jackson Jr. said the wintry weather has put some plans behind schedule but emphasized the importance of a complete count.

“This is our last chance to get this right,” Jackson said. “Remember, resources are at stake. This is the last big push.”

The census determines yearly appropriations of more than $400 billion in federal aid to tribal, state and local governments.

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