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POA opposes vertical drilling for Marcellus shale

Getty Images via Newscred

DEEP CREEK LAKE — The Garrett County Property Owners’ Association has voted to oppose vertical drilling for Marcellus shale gas within the boundaries of the Deep Creek Watershed as defined by the map included in the Deep Creek Watershed Zoning Ordinance.

In a position letter, the POA encourages the Garrett County Commissioners to amend the ordinance to prohibit vertical drilling and associated surface infrastructure within the watershed.

The POA’s decision to oppose vertical drilling was motivated by concerns about preserving the watershed, sustaining water resources and drinking water quality, and protecting property values, according to the letter from president Bob Hoffman to the county commissioners. Concerns associated with the drilling are noise, odor, traffic congestion and viewshed impact, according to the position paper.

“These are simply inherent in the natural gas recovery process. Regarding water resources, protecting groundwater sources and well water against contamination are particular matters of continuing debate and concern, despite serious and appreciated attention as part of the state effort,” states the position paper.

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