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Garrett Commission votes to endorse findings on shale gas drilling

OAKLAND — The Garrett County Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to endorse the findings of the Garrett County Shale Gas Advisory Commission to further explore the impacts of drilling.

The commissioners also voted to forward the report to the incoming commissioners for a decision on how to best implement policies and procedures for Marcellus shale moving forward.

“There has been some selective follow-up discussion, but it is recognized that any definitive further action will logically await engagement of the new board of commissioners,” states the report.

SGAC recommends that the county further explore the fiscal impacts; public safety; public health; property owners’ safety; the county’s character and appeal to tourists as well as second home/retirement home owners; and minimization of the impact of industrialization, according to the report.

The report includes a compilation of seven smaller reports that have been delivered over the year, three of which deal with comments and input on the state’s safe shale drilling initiative studies, according to John Quilty, chairman of SGAC. The SDI studies were forwarded by the commissioners to both the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the Maryland Department of the Environment.

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