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Checking Out The Docks

Even though black bears are common in Garrett County, seeing one going about its business is almost always a thrill. This particular bear was spotted by, and photographed by, Pete Versteegen one morning a few weeks ago. The bear climbed a wild cherry tree, Versteegen reported, and munched on the cherries for about 15 minutes, then climbed down, but kept eating the cherries by bending the branches to his (or her) mouth. The bear was sporting two tags, one in each ear, so someone from the Department of Natural Resources had already met him. Versteegen said the bear wandered along the dock awhile, as if trying to decide whether or not to go for a swim. Apparently he decided against that and went on his way. The dock is on the Versteegen property in the Lake Pointe at Wisp development. All residents are cautioned, as always, to keep a safe distance away from the wild animals when watching them outside. Black bear attacks of humans are rare but not unheard of, so all are urged to be wary.


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An Amazing Maze

Sep. 19, 2013

Autumn must be upon the mountaintop, because it is time again for folks to find their way through the Accident Corn Maze, located just north of Northern Garrett High School. The maze is open now, and will remain in operation through Nov. 3. The hours are Fridays from noon until 10 p.m.; Saturdays, noon to 9 p.m.; and Sundays, 2 to 6 p.m. Guests may also make appointments for weekday visits. This year’s “drawing” salutes the efforts of Warm the Children, a program of The Republicannewspaper and the GFWC Civic Club of Oakland that annually provides new, warm clothing and footwear to hundreds of local children in need. Upon close observation, readers may see that design includes mittens, a hat and scarf, a cup of hot chocolate, and a snowflake. A portion of the maze proceeds this year will go to Warm the Children, as announced by creators and operators Bob and Alice Bender. The entry fee is $8 for those age 11 and older; $4 for ages 3-10, and free for those 2 and younger. Discounts are available for groups of 15 or more, and for school groups. Hayrides are also available for $2 per person. “The corn maze is a fun and educational adventure for families, churches, and school students,” a spokesperson said. “The maze is formed on more than 10 acres of property. We also have a playground, duck races, and pedal tractor races.” There are pavilions available for reservations, and guests may also tour the working dairy farm and feed the calves. Persons may contact the farm at 301-616-6111 to schedule a visit.


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ICF Flag Presented To Deep Creek 2014 In Prague

Sep. 19, 2013

Deep Creek 2014 formally took charge of the International Canoe Federation’s 2014 Canoe Slalom World Championships earlier this week by accepting the ICF flag at the closing ceremonies of this year’s World Championships, held in Prague, Czech Republic. Accepting on behalf of Deep Creek 2014, the state of Maryland, and the people of Garrett County were Joe Jacobi, CEO of USA Canoe Kayak, and Todd Copley, executive director of Deep Creek 2014. The flag will remain in Maryland through the completion of the 2014 World Championships, scheduled for September 16-21, 2014, in McHenry. This will be the first time the Canoe Slalom World Championships will return to the U.S. in 25 years, having first been held in 1989 on the Savage River, also in Garrett County. Pictured from left are Jacobi, Joao Tomasini, 3rd vice president and executive committee member of the ICF, and Copley.


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DNR Service Center in Cumberland to Relocate to Rocky Gap

by kking

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) Western Region Service Center will be relocating from leased space in downtown Cumberland to Rocky Gap State Park at the end of September. The Service Center will occupy the original park office, a DNR facility, at 12500 Pleasant Valley Road, Flintstone. The telephone number remains the same ─ 301-777-2134.

Just under eight miles east on Route 68 from the current location, the Rocky Gap location provides plenty of convenient parking and easier access for the physically challenged. In using a DNR facility, there will also be a substantial savings in operating costs.

The Service Center is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., except State holidays.

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Garrett County secures $235,000 grant to increase use of digital technology

For the Cumberland Times-NewsCumberland Times-News

OAKLAND — Gov. Martin O’Malley announced $5.5 million in grants to local boards of education recently, including $235,000 for Garrett County for the Digital Learning Innovation Award.

The funding is designed to increase the use of digital technology in education and to help students earn college credits and career certification while in high school.

“The purpose of the grant is to support the Telepresence project to provide the ability for students, teachers and professionals throughout Garrett County Public Schools and the world to synergize without the restraints of location or walls,” said State Superintendent of Schools Lillian Lowery at a news conference outside the Statehouse in Annapolis.

O’Malley and Lowery announced six grant winners under the Early College Innovation Fund and seven under the Digital Learning Innovation Fund.

Other school districts awarded were the SEED School of Maryland and Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick, Kent and Washington counties.

The Garrett County proposal will take advantage of the county’s new fiber connectivity between the schools and to the Internet.

“The grant will also provide for student computers at elementary schools still using older computer labs,” said Chuck Trautwein, Garrett’s computer resource teacher. “This technology will enable increased collaboration and sharing of resources between Garrett County schools.”

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Ecotourism Resort in Maryland Selects Tulikivi Fireplaces

McHenry, MD (PRWEB) September 25, 2013

Tulikivi announced that it has been selected as a sustainable heat source for Blue Moon Rising (BMR), Garrett County, Maryland’s own green ecotourism community. This 14-acre site overlooks Deep Creek Lake, Maryland’s largest inland body of water. BMR currently consists of eight rental cabins, called “waldens,” a learning center and a community building, all serving the community and as a vacation retreat.

In 2008, BMR founder Lisa M. Jan had a vision to integrate vacation rental properties with sustainable educational services. Jan was interested in a new way of thinking about development that fostered an understanding for the natural environment—a built environment that preserves the existing natural elements, she explained.

Jan’s mission is to “create a community that harnesses the incredible power of Mother Nature while leaving as little impact on the landscape as possible.” Her vision is “to demonstrate that humans can live lightly on the earth, without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics.”

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Garrett commission sets two meetings

Cumberland Times-News

OAKLAND — The Garrett County commissioners will take action on a number of financial issues relative to the public school system at a public meeting Sept. 30 at 9 a.m. at the commissioners office in the courthouse.

The commission will authorize and designate fiscal 2013 carryover funds and the appropriation level of county funding for fiscal 2015.

The commissioners will hold their regularly scheduled public meeting Oct. 1 at 9 a.m. in the county courthouse.

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One year countdown begins for Deep Creek 2014

Elaine Blaisdell

Cumberland Times-News

MCHENRY — Local dignitaries pushed the button to begin the One Year Countdown Clock for Deep Creek 2014: International Canoe Federation Canoe Slalom World Championships on Tuesday morning. An unveiling of the clock was held at the Garrett County Chamber of Commerce.

“It’s an honor and privilege to be here today to help kick off what is one year out from what will be an iconic event for the state of Maryland, the western region of the states and for the U.S. in general,” said Terry Hasseltine, executive director of the Maryland Office of Sports Marketing.

The 2014 World Championships will mark the 25th anniversary since they were held in 1989 on Savage River and ICF is excited about coming back, said County Commissioner Gregan Crawford.

“This is the largest inbound international sporting event in the United States in 2014. That is an accomplishment that is second to none” said Hasseltine. “Garrett County is setting itself as an example of sports in the sports marketplace in the United States by hosting this world championship. This is a difference maker in the grand scheme of sports in the United States but we are hosting it here in Maryland.”

An executive committee of about 13 people began preparing in 1985 for the 1989 World Championships, according to Mike Logsdon, executive director of Adventure Sports Center International, who was on the executive committee for the 1989 event. The sport of canoeing and kayaking has changed a lot in the last 25 years and it now has a larger following, noted Logsdon.

“It was a challenge then on how to educate spectators about what they were going to see; now it’s much more ­­understood,” said Logsdon in an interview with the Times-News following the countdown event.

Todd Copley, executive director of Deep Creek 2014, stressed that this is the second time in history for the World Championships in the United States. The 1989 event drew the paddle world to America and really showcased the region, according to Copley.

“That one event, believe it or not, shaped the history of what happened in this region as well,” said Copley. “What followed that was the attraction of the 1992 Olympic trials that came here,” said Copley. “There was a lot of impetus after that event in the founding of Adventure Sports Institute at Garrett College as well as the attraction of a myriad of legacy sporting events.”

The 1989 event led to the hosting of the Savage Man, the ­Grand Fondo, as well as the Center of Adventure and Experiential Learning at Garrett College, according to Copley.

“That event was one of the defining moments in establishing this region as an epicenter for adventure sports,” said Copley.

During the 1989 event, there were about 10,000 spectators, according to Logsdon. The 2014 event is expected to draw 35 to 40 International teams; 1,200 coaches, athletes and support staff; 35,000 sponsors and will have a $20 million economic impact, according to Crawford. Crawford also noted that the 2014 event will provide the area with some international broadcast opportunities.

Not only will the number of spectators differ between the two World Championships but the venue differs as well. Next year’s world championship will take place Sept. 16-21 in McHenry at ASCI, the world’s only mountaintop whitewater course, which was built to host it.

“The whitewater course was built knowing that it would host a world class canoe competition,” said Logsdon.

“It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to build that facility on the hill,” said Sen. George Edwards. “It’s there and look what it’s done, it’s drawn this fantastic event to Garrett County, which is going to benefit this part of the state tremendously. This, as I see it, is maybe the first stepping stone. We can be the epicenter of adventure sports not only in Maryland, and the United States but in the world.”

Minor adjustments are needed to prepare the whitewater course for the event, according to Joe Schroyer, director of operations at ASCI. Other projects at ASCI will include building a natural amphitheater and an 800- square-foot pavillion.

Garrett County was awarded $1 million from the state’s capital budget for upgrades to ASCI. The proceeds will be used as a grant to the county commissioners for the planning, design, construction, repair, renovation, reconstruction and capital equipping of ASCl. The project will also include upgrading telecommunications and building new and upgrading existing infrastructure and facilities. Delegate Wendell Beitzel was instrumental in securing the funding through Gov. Martin O’Malley’s capital budget, according to Crawford.

“Hopefully, this 2014 event will really set the stage for a lot of future activity and growth in this adventure sports arena here in Garrett County,” said Beitzel.

During the countdown event, Julianna Albowicz, assistant to Sen. Barbara Mikulski, presented certificates to Crawford and Hasseltine in recognition of the one year countdown to Deep Creek 2014.

Copley, who was part of the U.S. delegation to the 2013 ICF World Championships held in Prague, Czech Republic, noted that there was palpable excitement at that event.

“I cannot describe the excitement that exists out there, not only within the management team and the Host Organizing Committee for Deep Creek 2014 but also at the highest ranks in the sporting communities within the ICF,” said Copley.

On Sept. 15, Deep Creek 2014 accepted the ICF flag on behalf of the U.S., the state of Maryland and on the behalf of Garrett County, according to Copley.

“In order to get to that moment, it took years of dedication but most importantly a grandiose vision on the part of numerous individuals,” said Copley.

Contact Elaine Blaisdell at eblaisdell@times-news.com.­­­

The Board of County Commissioners Announce Public Meeting Agenda

September 24, 2013

Certain sessions of the meeting may be conducted in Executive Session

Agenda Session Times except Public Hearings are Approximate

3:00       Administrative Session

4:00       Call to Order of Public Session, Invocation, and Pledge of Allegiance

4:02       County Administrator – Additions/Deletions and Approval of Public Meeting Agenda

4:03       Approval of Public, Administrative, and Executive Meeting Minutes

4:04       Update on Boards, Committee, and Commission Meetings Attended

4:05       Proclamations: “Economic Development Week”

“Workforce Development Professionals Month”

4:10        Board of County Commissioners Statement– Denial for Participation in Maryland Counties                          Movement to Secede for the State of Maryland

4:15        Garrett County Purchasing Department

RFP Awards:

·Architectural/Engineering Services – Deep Creek 2014 Capital Improvements

·Declaration of Surplus County Equipment

4:20       Board of County Commissioners Boards, Commissions, and Appointment Schedule

4:30       Executive Session – Economic Development

5:00       PUBLIC HEARING:        Amendment – Deep Creek Watershed Zoning Ordinance

Request to amend Section 157.024 (c) 23 to add a new category of use for “boat rental including boat rides and/or boat tours a separate service business and not offering any other services associated with a marina” and other advertised relevant sections

5:45        Public Commentary

6:00       Adjournment of Public Session

Public Issues or concerns that are to be presented to the Board of Garrett County Commissioners during any Public meeting should be scheduled with Carol Riley-Alexander, Executive Assistant to the Board of County Commissioners/County Administrator.

The Board of Garrett County Commissioners will hold their next Public Meeting on Tuesday, October 1, 2013 beginning at 9:00 A.M.

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