>July 4th Photos

>WOW! Another great 4th of July fireworks display at Deep Creek Lake. There had been thunderstorms before hand, so the sky was just clearing up and had some great colors for sunset. My daughter Kayleah & I met up with our good friends Rita & Adam and were heading out on the boat to see the fireworks from McHenry Cove. Curveball – the fuse for my navigation lights was out. Navigating without lights after dark wasn’t an option, so, we did a quick little boat tour as the sun set, and ended up driving up to the Wisp to see them.

It’s been a few years since I have gone by land to see the fireworks, and it reminded me of just how many people are there watching. From the time we crossed the 219 bridge, there were cars parked on either side of the road – people tailgating, setting up chairs and basically having a great time waiting for the show to begin. From Rock Lodge Rd & Point View Inn, cars lined BOTH sides of Garrett Highway. Not parked front to back, mind you, like you see for the fair. They were parked side to side, most people backed in. So, for the next 3 miles or so, it was packed solid. Amazing.

Meanwhile, I was trying to think of a unique place to watch from – I had narrowed my choices down to ASCI, near the top of Wisp Resort (to try and see them at eye level) or the golf course. I chose the golf course. We found a spot to park – believe it or not, there was only one other car there – and hiked up to the cart path by the tee box. Great spot – only 3 other people were around. Very unique perspective, too – the fireworks appeared to be going off right over top of the Wisp hotel.

Very impressive! The acoustics were amazing, with the sound bouncing between the mountains and echoing down the lake. My brother actually heard them from Oakland!

After the grand finale, the sound of the cars beeping, boat horns, whistles, cat-calls & cowbells were resounding. Cold chills moment! It lasted for a good minute or so. I LOVE watching the fireworks at Deep Creek Lake! The natural acoustics make every boom sound 10x louder, and the sound carries down the entire lake corridor. Great fun! Thanks to all the sponsors – especially Hugh Umbel!

Video is forthcoming this afternoon 🙂 Check back!

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