ASCI, Wisp Road Decision, Airport Updates Given

Aug. 15, 2013


The Board of Garrett County Commissioners held a public meeting on Tuesday and received several updates from county agencies and affiliates. The agenda included further discussion on Wisp Mountain Road, updates at the airport and the Adventure Sports Center International (ASCI), the announcing of members of the Deep Creek Wastershed Management Plan Steering Committee, and information from the Garrett County Board of Elections.

Wisp Mountain Road

At a July 16 public hearing concerning the Wisp Mountain Road, it was announced that public record would be kept open until Aug. 9, and a decision would be announced at the Aug. 13 meeting. However, the decision was deferred, and will be presented at a later date.


Michael Logsdon, ASCI executive director, reported that advances in marketing have been made at the facility, and they are working on getting the word out about activities available there. Signs with new logos that better depict events at ASCI have been erected, and the information technology department has improved the web site and the method for guests to order photographs.

Modifications are being made to the stream bed for upcoming events, and requests for bids have been sent out for modification of the amphitheater. The clean-up also continues on the Fork Run Trail that was heavily impacted by the snow-hurricane storm in October 2012.

Garrett County Airport

Edward Kelley, Garrett County Airport manager, reported that there has been a large influx of jets to the airport since the extension of the runway. The yearly inspection of the airport occurred on Aug. 7, and it was found to be in excellent condition, he reported.

DCL Watershed

Management Plan

Steering Committee

A steering committee was selected for the Deep Creek Watershed Management Plan. A total of 22 individuals submitted their names to volunteer on the committee, and nine were selected.

Those selected are David Myerber, chair, Morgantown, W.Va., resident representative; Robert Hoffman, Oakland, resident representative; Peter Versteegen, McHenry, resident representative; Lulu Gonella, Swanton, resident representative; John Forman, Oakland, forestry representative; Steve Green, McHenry, recreation represtative; Bob Browning, McHenry, business representative; Willie Lantz, Mtn. Lake Park, agricultural representative; and Mike Sabad, Clarion, Pa., operations manager and power plant representative.

Board of Elections

Steve Fratz gave a report on the Garrett County Board of Elections. He said the beginning of the election season has been slow, with filing lagging. The deadline to file is Feb. 25, and information about filing can be found on the web site.

The process is under way for preparing polling places for the June 24 primary election. Coordination will begin immediately after Labor Day. Some polling places may be consolidated because of issues with parking and accessibility. They include Ryan’s Glade with Red House and West Oakland with East Oakland.

This will be the last year for the current voting system, which is 14 years old. The search for a new system will begin shortly.

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