Deep Creek Lake Property Owners Association – August 2013

Some info from the latest meeting of the Deep Creek Lake POA:

The  General Membership meeting was opened with words of greeting from Senator George Edwards and Delegate Wendall Beitzel.  Then the County Commissioners – Chairman Bob Gatto, Gregen Crawford and James Raley – came to the microphone and offered their comments.  A separate eBlast is being issued concurrently with these notes which reports on their comments.  David Myerberg, Chair of the Policy & Review Board [PRB] and also Chair of the Deep Creek Lake Watershed Management Plan Steering Committee [WMP] reported on the working of both groups and then responded to questions from the membership.  He mentioned the upcoming meeting on September 11, of the WMP, which will be held from 1 to 4:30pm in Conference Room 107, Garrett County Health Department, at 1025 Memorial Drive, Oakland.

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