Checking Out The Docks

Even though black bears are common in Garrett County, seeing one going about its business is almost always a thrill. This particular bear was spotted by, and photographed by, Pete Versteegen one morning a few weeks ago. The bear climbed a wild cherry tree, Versteegen reported, and munched on the cherries for about 15 minutes, then climbed down, but kept eating the cherries by bending the branches to his (or her) mouth. The bear was sporting two tags, one in each ear, so someone from the Department of Natural Resources had already met him. Versteegen said the bear wandered along the dock awhile, as if trying to decide whether or not to go for a swim. Apparently he decided against that and went on his way. The dock is on the Versteegen property in the Lake Pointe at Wisp development. All residents are cautioned, as always, to keep a safe distance away from the wild animals when watching them outside. Black bear attacks of humans are rare but not unheard of, so all are urged to be wary.


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