Deep Creek Lake Property Owner Incentives For Shore Erosion Projects

The Garrett County Commissioners have adopted a program whereby the County will grant to Deep Creek lakefront property owners a $1600 incentive for new completed shore erosion projects in fiscal year 2013. The program is designed to help property and real estate owners with the costs of construction of shore erosion structures along the lake shoreline. The funding applies to both structural (e.g. rip-rap) and nonstructural (e.g. vegetative) control measures.

DNR estimates that there are 8 to 10 projects that might be eligible for the funds. The project must be completed and inspected by both DNR and MDE in order for the property owner to be eligible for the incentive.

The program is part of a broader package of policies that the county is looking at for the protection of the watershed. This is a pilot year for the program and no decision has been made as to if it will be made available in the next county fiscal year.

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Spring Snow – March 2013

Mar. 7, 2013


A fairly average snowstorm left about a foot and a half of wet snow on the Garrett County ground this week, which then began to melt by yesterday afternoon as the temperatures rose into the upper 30s. Perhaps it is too much to hope that this might be the swan song of storms this season, but the forecast does indicate a warming trend over the next few days, with snow tapering off, rain coming in, and the mercury expected to reach 50 by Monday afternoon. A change from what this photo shows, taken Wednesday morning by Erica Carlson of Oakland.

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Outbursts in Annapolis

Written by Elisabeth Hoffman
Friday, 01 March 2013 15:09
–from the blog ClimateHowardAt least half a dozen Western Maryland residents rose in the dark, left home as an ice storm approached, traveled 200 miles to Annapolis and waited, along with environmental and health activists, for nearly six hours yesterday to testify in favor of a moratorium on fracking in the state.

For their trouble, they were screamed at repeatedly by state Sen. Joanne Benson, a member of the Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee.

“We are going through an exercise in futility,” she shrieked. And then she yelled again: “We are going through an exercise in futility here. It’s a dead issue.” And, “Nothing is going to happen.” And “The decision has already been made.” (Oddly, Benson is a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 514 that would ban fracking in Maryland.)

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